• The homepage features a full-screen slideshow that adapts to any screen size. The images and text for each slide are fully editable by Gator staff.
  • The service page has a unique design that highlights the two high-level types of work that Gator does.
  • For each side of the service page, various service categories are available.
  • The site features many high-quality slideshows of the cars, equipment, etc.
  • Virtually all of the sites imagery and copy is fully editable by Gator staff.
  • The site highlights each member of the Gator team so that customers can feel like they know them before even stepping foot in the door.

Gator Motorsport is an exotic car dealership based out of Indianapolis.  They wanted a website that would cater to their audience's taste with vibrant photography and interesting design.  They also wanted many features, including full-screen slideshows, inventory management, staff bios, equipment descriptions and a unique service page.  We delivered on all fronts.