A Right Left Mindset

The philosophy behind our organization

I have two children: a daughter named Ruby and a son named Burke. Naming them was one of the greatest priviledges I've had as their mother. What shocked me was the weight of responsibility that I also felt while choosing their names. Both of their names hold significant familial meaning, but I worried that Ruby would be too old fashioned or that Burke would be too unique. As it turns out, their names suit them perfectly, and there was nothing to worry about.

I recently had the priviledge (and responsibility) of playing a part in a similar process. When we named Right Left Media, we knew we wanted the name to convey more than our services. We wanted it to pay tribute to the ethics and theories behind our work, as well as the hopes and ideals that form the foundation for the future of our new venture.

Behind Our Work

At Right Left Media, we believe in the power of collaboration. When describing his passion for web design and development, Lead Developer, Mike Goodwin, said, "Web Development requires a large amount of planning, structuring, and programming that stimulates my mind and utilizes my analytical skills. Web Design requires imagination and visual appeal that satisfies my creative side and exercises my artistic skills.  The interdependency of those skillsets is deeper in this field than in any other field I know, and I like that."

The Right Left team is equipped with varying skills and talents. Our designers are the best of the best, capable of creating concepts and images that leave the viewer in awe. And our developers are top-notch, giving our clients powerful, versatile tools that can be leveraged for maximum benefit. Each member of our team is commited to working together in order to fuse our unique traits into strengths that reinforce the team as a whole. Cooperation and collaboration are a big part of our success. And that doesn't stop with our internal processes. Our commitment to collaboration extends to our customers, as well. We desire to work with you to create a web experience that exceeds the expectations of you and your customers.

Hopes for the Future

At Right Left Media, we believe in the importance of communication. Websites have made the world smaller.  We now have the ability to pass ideas, big and small, to people all around the world. We can use blog posts, photos, videos, and social media to connect with people in a brand new way and maybe even change the world. Mike Goodwin said it this way, "Good websites allow us to communicate clearer, faster, and better.  They allow us to find relevant information that helps acheive our goals, improve our skillsets, and make better-educated decisions, both personally and professionally."

We have the immense priviledge of doing good work with good people for good reasons, and it is our pleasure to equip our clients with the tools they need to create a stunning, effective presence on the internet. We hope that never changes. Our goal is to turn these ideals into a lasting legacy, not only for our company, but for our clients, as well.

Beautifully Smart

We're on a mission to empower organizations through beautifully smart web experiences.

Stunning Design. Brilliant Execution.

That's beautifully smart.

Welcome to Right Left Media.