Creating the Right Left logo

A glimpse into the creative process behind the Right Left logo

My brother-in-law and his wife love to play a game called Logo Quiz. Okay, okay. It's not the most creatively-named game, but it's got a great concept. It's a simple game where you identify a company or brand based solely off a small portion of the company's logo. When it comes to Logo Quiz, my brother-in-law is hard to beat. I'm not too shabby, either. In fact, lots of people are fairly good at Logo Quiz. Why?

A Right Left Mindset

The philosophy behind our organization

I have two children: a daughter named Ruby and a son named Burke. Naming them was one of the greatest priviledges I've had as their mother. What shocked me was the weight of responsibility that I also felt while choosing their names. Both of their names hold significant familial meaning, but I worried that Ruby would be too old fashioned or that Burke would be too unique. As it turns out, their names suit them perfectly, and there was nothing to worry about.